Everest DVD/CD Printer Autoload or Standalone

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The Rimage Everest 600 Thermal Retransfer printer is used to produce photorealistic images on CD, DVD, and Blu-ray Discs™, at 60 seconds per disc. In addition to delivering the highest print quality in the industry, the Everest 600 prints discs that won't smudge, scratch, or fade. The Everest 600 is available as a stand-alone printer for manual operation or an AutoPrinter for automatic, unattended operation.

The AutoEverest 600 comes equipped with a 400-bin carousel and the Everest 600 Printer. This carousel has a 300 disc input capacity with the remaining bin used for output. When the first input bin is empty it becomes the second output bin, and so on. In this manner, the AutoPrinter can print up to 300 discs without a single operator intervention.

Key Features Include

  • Professional, 600 dpi resolution
  • Full color or monochrome black
  • Permanent, durable printing
  • Fixed cost per disc
  • Photo-Realistic Images using Rimage's patented Everest™ printing technology-a ground breaking thermal-retransfer system that redefines the industry standard.

  • Unmatched Durability delivering dependable, lights-out production, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • MicroDry ™ variable dot printing delivers images equivalent to 160 lines per inch, a true paradigm shift in technology.  Everest™ blows away traditional screen printing (90 LPI), and eclipses magazine print standards (150 LPI), delivering unequaled DVD/CD printing quality.

  • Innovative White Undercoat Printing is achieved by using an available CMY-White ribbon.  This remarkable capability allows you to achieve label effects previously unattainable, including photorealistic printing on silver surface media.

  • Printer comes in two models: 300 disc Autoload & Print or manual PC or Mac connect standalone, printing one disc at a time. 

Minimum System Requirements: Windows-based PC Pentium 300 or better with 128MB RAM Windows 2000 Professional or XP Professional USB port Macintosh computer G3 or better with 128 MB RAM Macintosh OS X version 10.3/10.4 USB port

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Standalone is a one disc printer.

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