NS-4500 Browser Based Publisher

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Browser Based Publishing System
 4 DVD/CD Recorders * 500 Discs *
 Optional Blu-Ray Recorders
 Professional  (C,M, Y & K)
 HP Printer engine (FlashJet Pro)

Optional Printer: TEAC P55 "Photo Thermal Printer" See attachment for pricing with this

Featuring TrueNet FX, this is the first and only operating system independent publishing solution without the need to maintain an embedded Windows, Linux, Unix or Mac server.

All publishing functions are easily accessed via a simple Java-enabled web browser. No clumsy client software applications to install or maintain. The role based user configuration & security settings control access to key features in the system, with access monitored and logged for later administrator or management review. Live monitoring of jobs and instant control over job priority means that mission critical publishing tasks go straight to the front of the queue!

TrueNet FX

TrueNet FX runs inside all major Java-enabled browsers, TrueNet FX eliminates the need to install or maintain any client software or printer drivers on the user's computer.

Publish Discs Quickly & Easily

  • Drag & Drop Mastering
  • Import standard ISO images - even up to 50GB Blu-ray!
  • Use images stored directly on NS4500 internal HDD
  • 10 job modes, including Copy, Compare, Audit and Printing
  • Easy choice of media type
  • Up to FIVE different media types available simultaneously
  • Write speed selectable when creating job
  • Compare and Audit functions selectable when creating job
  • Live edit of running jobs including changes to Quantity, Compare & Audit functions
  • Live changes to job priority - send a job to the front of the queue! (can be controlled by the administrator)

E-mail Notifications

User selectable e-mail notification options include:

  • Job Start
  • Job Complete
  • Low Media
  • Media Empty
  • Low Print Supplies
  • Print Supplies Empty
  • Job Delayed
  • Job Error

... even when caused by jobs ahead of yours in the queue!

Label Editor Built In

TrueNet FX includes a flexible label editor enabling you to create great looking labels within your browser! No need to install printer drivers or create PRN files.

  • Easy import of standard graphic files
  • Easily add embedded Time & Date tags to your labels
  • Easily add Serialization to your publishing jobs
  • Easily add dynamic 'mail merge' text to your jobs from a simple text file
  • Easily add Arc text for copyright or other notices
  • Easily Bar Code your discs
  • WYSIWYG Editing
  • Up to 99 unique fields

Administration Made Easy

  • Jobs automatically restored and resumed after power failure for true lights out reliability
  • Stand-alone Mode includes all core job functions including Copy, Compare, Audit and Print, without the need for network connectivity, giving completely autonomous and secure operation
  • Masters can be loaded directly to the machine via dedicated reader (included)
  • Full system diagnosis accessed directly via build in LCD/Touch pad without the need to use any PC
  • Dual Firmware support for system redundancy
  • Fully self-contained
  • Operating system independent
  • No Server-software maintenance required
  • No Anti-Virus software needed
  • Easily Add & Configure Users
  • Role Based User Access & Security
  • Easy E-Mail Setup
  • Easy setup of Low Media and Low Print thresholds
  • Easy Hopper & Media setup Wizard
    • Multiple media types simultaneously available
    • Six Rotating Hoppers for maximum capacity
  • Comprehensive Logging Features include:
    • User Activity
    • Job Activity
    • Robotics Movements
    • Recorder Activity
    • Media Levels
    • Printer Supply Levels
    ... and more!


Disc Capacity / Enclosure
  • 500 Discs
  • Up to five different media types at the same time
  • Separate reject bin / with lockable door
Disc Drives
  • Four CD/DVD/DL DVD writers standard (Blu-ray optional)
  • One CD/DVD/DL DVD dedicated reader standard (Blu-ray optional)
  • Raid HD 480GB (160GB x 3) Hard Drive Standard -
  • Blu-Ray 500GB, 
    Higher Capacity Options

  • 10/100/1000Mb Gigabit Ethernet connectivity
  • Can be operated in standalone mode without network
Weight / Dimensions
  • NS4500i (Flashjet Pro) 80 lbs (36.3kg)
  • NS4500t (P-55 Embedded) 95 lbs (43 kg)
  • Height 27 1/2" x Width 21" x Depth 22" (H 698mm x W 528mm x D 560mm)
Power 100-230 VAC, 60/50 Hz 500W Max



NS4500i (FlashJet Pro) Inkjet

  • 4800 dpi Black Gray scale/CMYK/CMY Photo modes
  • Typically 1500 to 2000 discs per cart set
TEAC P55 Printer optional (NS4500t) Permanent photo-quality dye-sublimation printing. Use with Versamax ribbon for widest media usage.
Highest quality printer on market



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