Rimage 3400 Thermal Color Disc Publisher

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The Rimage 3400 is a compact, all-in-one solution (disc printing and duplication). The integrated, state-of-the-art Rimage Everest™ thermal retransfer printer in the 3400 system permanently waterprooof, scratchproof, photo-realistic images to the surface of the disc.

Key Features Include

  • Two front-swappable recorders
  • 150-disc input capacity
  • 5-disc external output bin
  • Integrated Everest Color Thermal Printer
  • Connect to your Windows PC
  • Lowest Cost Thermal System EVER
  • Lower Cost than just Thermal Auto Printer
Optional Network Software Suite:

WebQD - thin client software allowing any computer with a supported web browser to submit jobs (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari).

WebRSM enables you to fully control and monitor your Rimage systems from anywhere on the network – even from home. Using WebRSM you can monitor status of your jobs, get accurate disc and media volume status, and control functionality.

QuickDisc(Windows®) and DiscFlow(Mac®) Client- allows operators to assemble and submit projects to their Rimage system over network.

Production Server - enables asynchronous control of recording, printing and robotic movements, plus the staging of projects. Includes a log file to monitor jobs in process, pending jobs, completed jobs, and canceled jobs. Enables the bulk read feature which allows multiple discs to read and be saved automatically. Allows job streaming of projects for increased throughput.

Software Developer Kit - includes the APIs (Application Programming Interface) and information needed to create custom applications and control any Rimage system. The Rimage SDK is the most robust SDK in its class. It provides a Rapid API and Web Services to develop any application easily.

See pricing below accept for Maintenance Agreements. Call 800-260-5053 for Maintenance Agreement offerings, and supply costs.


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