Rimage Professional 5400N

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The Professional™ 5400N is a compact, all-in-one solution (disc printing and duplication). It offers an entry point into on-demand disc publishing, allowing single users or workgroups to create discs as easily as they print to the office printer, taking advantage of the convenience of an intelligent network appliance with professional print quality and hands-free operation.

Key Features Include

  • Two front-swappable recorders
  • 150-disc input capacity
  • 5-disc external output bin
  • Embedded control center (PC)

The embedded control center allows the 5400N to be set-up as a networked device and used by a large number of operators. Full color CD, DVD, and Blu-ray Discs™ are simple, fast and easy to create. The integrated, state-of-the-art Rimage Everest™ thermal retransfer printer in the 5400N system permanently fuses waterproof, scratchproof, photo-realistic images to the surface of the disc.

Each Rimage 5400N includes a full set of software to:

- Create unique artwork for each disc

- Submit new or saved jobs for printing and recording

- Control system operation

- Monitor production of one or a number of Rimage systems

- Create custom applicationsCD Designer
CD Designer provides users the ability to create, import, and customize graphics to be printed on your disc surface. (PC only)Features include:

- Simple drag-and-drop operation

- Add graphics, text, objects, and photos from almost any source

- Supports mail merge options from external data files

- Includes examples and templatesQuickDisc and DiscFlow
QuickDisc(Windows®) and DiscFlow(Maci®) allow operators to assemble and submit projects to their Rimage system.Features include:

- Simple drag-and-drop operation

- Supports CD, DVD, and Blu-ray Disc™ printing and recording

- Prepare, submit, schedule and monitor job status

- Save projects for use in the future

- WebRSM - provides access to all Rimage systems on the network, allowing one operator to control multiple Rimage systems from anywhere on the network.

Production Server
Production Server enables asynchronous control of recording, printing and robotic movements, plus the staging of projects.Additional Features:

- Includes a log file to monitor jobs in process, pending jobs, completed jobs, and canceled jobs.

- Enables the bulk read feature which allows multiple discs to read and be saved automatically.

-Allows job streaming of projects for increased throughput.Software Developer Kit (SDK)
The Rimage Software Developer Kit includes the APIs (Application Programming Interface) and information needed to create custom applications and control any Rimage system.

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