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RocketDVD Professional is the first DVD Authoring system to incorporate high level DVD authoring functions in a fully automated solution for DVD creation and duplication.

RocketDVD Professional - Features:

RocketDVD Professional is a DVD Production Engine that has been optomized to increase 
your DVD Authoring workflow while reducing the manhours required to author DVD titles.    

Some of standard Features & Benefits included are:
Fully Automated DVD Creation & Production  Using RocketDVD virtually takes the human element out of the physical DVD production process. Using our intuitive user interface, your users can setup and launch a DVD authoring and production project in a matter of minutes.

Once the project is launched RocketDVD performs all the necessary tasks to create the DVD including; Capturing and Encoding your video, creating a comprehensive menu (from your custom menu theme selection), creating an optional custom disc label, prints an optional custom DVD case wrap, and prints your DVD insert for chapter selections. All of this is done without any further human intervention. In addition, you can direct the RocketDVD system to create a physical DVD on a local DVD writer or send the DVD project to a variety of Professional Automated DVD Duplicators for final production.  We currently support Duplicators from several manufacturers. (Call to find best fit for your needs.) 

  • Point & Click User Interface – We have designed our user interface with the look and feel of a standard video deck including deck like intuitive controls such as; Start, Stop and Pause. In addition, all other controls are clearly marked and tied to a comprehensive context sensitive help file so that you’re never more than a simple button click away from application help. The benefit is that your users will be able to master the use of RocketDVD Professional in a matter of minutes.
  • DVD Authoring Selections – You can choose to make a DVD with menu, Once play DVD or a Continuous or Looped DVD format. If you choose DVD with menu you are presented with an opportunity to call your custom pre-defined menu theme and the theme is displayed at the bottom of the selection window for review.
  • Custom Chapter Selections - With any one of the DVD type choices selected you have the ability to apply a variety of comprehensive chapter methods to your DVD including: Arbitrary number of chapters, Arbitrary chapter length (in seconds), Smart Chapter selection (this uses our proprietary Algorithm to find actual scene changes on the DVD and adds additional chapter points in between scenes for enhanced navigation. This is particularly beneficial for home movies and low action video such as corporate presentations.), Scene change only, Custom Chapters (this feature allows you to enter in time codes, bitmaps and custom text for each chapter on the DVD) and one chapter per segment.
  • Variable Text Insertion – Part of the DVD project indentification includes entering optional Tile, Subtitle and Date range information. This information can be automatically transferred and inserted into the DVD disc label, DVD Casewrap, DVD insert and rendered into your DVD menu page assets. You get full control over the font, color and size for this text on each separate asset. This enables you to create generic menu theme and print assets but still create a DVD that looks custom. Whether you’re making one or many DVDs.
  • Custom Variable Text Insertion - This feature allows you to create an unlumited number of custom variable fields with substitution values.  These variables can be used on any menu or print asset contained in your DVD project.  All you do is place the variable marker anywhere you want the substitution text to appear. 
  • Multi-function Processing - RocketDVD Professional has been optomized to increase your overall workflow for DVD authoring by allowing mutlitple DVD Production processes to run simultaneously.  We break the DVD Production process into three basic steps: Video Capture/Encoding, DVD Authoring/Muxing and DVD Output.  Our advanced processing engine allows you to perform each one of these processes on seperate DVD titles simultaneously.  What that means is that you can be Capturing the video for one project while Authoring a second project and outputting a DVD for a third project all at the same time. 
  • Data Files - This feature allows you to create a "Hybrid" DVD by placing DVD-ROM files in the root of the DVD title.  Now you can include any DVD-ROM information such as catalogs, powerpoint presentations or website information on the DVD along with your Video content.
  • First Play - This feature lets you include a "First Play" video on the DVD.  First Play videos are often used for FBI warnings or to promote additional video titles or services offered by the DVD producer.    We've also included User Operation Enable/Disable feature so you can choose to force the viewing of the First Play video if necessary. 
  • Real-time MPEG-2 Encoders – You can configure RocketDVD Professional with a variety of real-time video encoders that support industry standard inputs like; Composite, S-Video, Component and SDI video with audio inputs including un-balance line in, Balanced XLR, AES, and embedded SDI. The benefit is that you can automate your videotape to DVD conversions or you can use the system for live capture from a camera or video switch.
  • Direct DV Capture - Capture your video directly from any DV Camera or VTR Deck.  All you need is an available Firewire port on your PC.  We've also included full deck control via Firewire and we've added segment capture with complete markin/markout capabilities so you can actually perform a linear edit on your DV tape while creating the DVD project in realtime!  
  • Dolby AC3 Audio Encoding – From the Encoding menu you can select either Stereo AC3 or MPEG Audio for the audio encoding format. Dolby AC3 is the most widely accepted audio format for the U.S. market and insures compatibility with all commercially available DVD players manufactured today. MPEG Audio is the most common format used in the European market however all players must support AC3 as a minimum to comply with the DVD Video specification.
  • Segment Encoding – This feature gives you have the ability to pause and restart the video capture as necessary. Each time you do the system will automatically place a chapter marker a the beginning of the next video segment and this marker will show up as a scene selection on your DVD menu (if you’re making a DVD with a menu) or as a chapter point if your using chapters without a menu. This is useful for compiling multiple tapes on to one DVD, as a rough editing method or to force a chapter point on the DVD while you’re encoding. The resulting Video and Audio segment files will be saved in the work directory and when the DVD is created they will be concatenated into one contiguous Video file for playback on the DVD.
  • Automatic project Archival – Once a project is run RocketDVD saves all of the raw files used to create the DVD in a “work” folder using the projectid entered with the project as the folder name and saves to project creation file in a “project” folder. This enables you to easily recall a project by hitting the “Load project” button and re-make the DVD including all of the print assets without having to recapture the video and audio. This is also useful as a method of creating project templates that have specific encoding and DVD creation parameters saved in them.

RocketDVD Professional configurations are available with the following options:

  • DVD-On-Demand - This option enables you to fully automate the entire DVD production process from a second application such as a Website, Database or an Asset Managment system.  This is accomplished by simply placing a  text file with project parameters in a pre-deifined hot folder.  When DVD-On-Demand is enabled, RocketDVD Professional will automatically poll the hot folder looking for project files to execute.  Once a project file is detected, RocketDVD Professional immediately starts processing the project and sends  the DVD to the output device selected in the project file.  This includes applying a new menu, disc label and custom casewrap for the DVD project.  You no longer have to pre-produce your DVD titles and keep them on the shelf.  With DVD-On-Demand you can create a just-in-time DVD production process while adding tha ability for your customers to custom select the video components they want on the DVD.  
  • RocketDVD Live -  This option is used to create DVD titles at live video events and is optomized to create a fully authored DVD in a matter of a few minutes after the event has ended.  While you're capturing the event, you can use the "Live Chapter Insert" feature to dynamically place chapter points in the program and you can even key in text relating to the chapter point (i.e. a song title) that will appear under the chapter point thumnail on the DVD Scene menu.   The RocketDVD Live  feature has the ability to send  the DVD image file you've created to an unlimited number of RocketDVD-Live Duplication Towers, simultaneously, enabling the user to produce hundreds of DVDs at once.

RocketDVD Professional - Configurations & Options:

RocketDVD Professional can be purchased as software only, combined with a real-time encoder, or as a turn-key, fully configured system.
Below is a list of possible configurations:

  • Software only – This configuration includes the following components; RocketDVD Professional (standard build) with software dongle, MenuMaker (our innovative Menu Theme generator), a Dolby AC3 Software Encoder License, and PowerDVD (used as DVD playback and test software).
  • Software and Encoding Hardware – This configuration includes the above items and your choice of a real-time video encoder board. Choices currently available are; Vitec VM2-2, Vitec MPEGProfiler and the Vitec VM2-Pro boards.
  • Turn-key Systems – We currently offer fully configured systems with your choice of encoder board in either desktop or rackmount configurations. All desktop systems include LCD Monitor, keyboard/mouse and speakers. Rackmount systems do not have a monitor or speakers included in the base price.

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