SK Sony DVD/CD Tower Duplicators w/ SONY Recorders


Now standard with 320B Hard drives and SATA interface. 

Free Ground Freight see details below

Purchase anywhere from one (1) up
to fifteen (15) 20x DVD/ 48x CD Sony SATA Recorders.
   Prices are below scroll down.

(15) Sony DVD/CD recorders, reader, 320GB HDD  includes 256MB memory for fast throughput  
128 DVDs or 300 CDs per hour *
estimated for full Discs*

Eleven (11) Sony DVD/CD recorders, reader, 320GB HDD
94 DVDs or 220 CDs per hour *
estimated for full Discs*

  • Complete Standalone Operation:
    No PC required to operate the duplicator.
  • Duplicator casing available in metallic silver or midnight black aluminum casing.
    Web Placed orders ship in Black unless you indicate Silver at checkout.

Supports all currently available DVD/CD media including Double/Dual layer DVD9:
Can duplicate Single Layer DVD±R/RW and Double/Dual Layer DVD±R Formats.

Hard drives can be upgraded from the included 320GB HDD up to 2TB HDD. See below for price and size info.
Optional Connections below: (1) USB to 1 recorder, (2) USB to hard drive of duplicator, (3) USB to HDD of duplicator plus CopyProtection with 5 licenses. Extra licenses available.
Call for details. 

(10) Ten  Sony DVD/CD  recorders, reader, 320GB HDD
86 DVDs or 200 CDs per hour* 

(7) Seven  Sony DVD/CD recorders, reader, 320GB HDD                  
60 DVDs or 140 CDs per hour* 

(5) Five  Sony DVD/CD recorders, reader, 320GB HDD                  
40 DVDs or 100 CDs per hour* 

 (4) Four  Sony DVD/CD recorders, reader, 320GB HDD                  
32 DVDs or 80 CDs per hour* 

(1) ONE Sony DVD/CD recorder, reader, NO HARD DRIVE 
8 DVDs or 20 CDs per hour.

Recorders in Duplicator are made by Sony. Manufacturer of the duplicators brand name is "Sharkcopier".

 Free ground freight in the continental USA for web placed orders.
If you need an air shipment let us know and we will inform you of cost. Call 800-260-5053,
email, or indicate in checkout.


SONY Sharkcopier choice

Case Color

Optional Connection

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