TCA 220, 550 or 1000 disc Standalone & Network DVD/CD Duplicators


The TCA Series of duplicators work either Stand-Alone or Network Attached (with a Browser based software that works with Windows, MAC or Linux).

TCA Duplicators  have 2, 4 or 8  DVD / CD recorders or optional Blu-Ray / DVD/ CD Recorders.

TCA autoloaders are 220, 550 or 1000-disc capacity.

The robust, industrial-designed robotics combined with an easy-to-use yet powerful web browser-based user interface provides the ideal solution to duplicating CDs, DVDs, or  Blu-rays Because the system is controlled by your java-enabled web browser, it is platform-independent and there is no client software or printer drivers to install!

You can also control these systems in stand-alone mode via the built-in LCD Touchpad and use them just like a disc copy-machine, no additional monitor, mouse or keyboard required.

Disc images can be named and stored on the system's internal hard disk and instantly recalled when starting a new duplication job. All TCA systems include a Batch Mode function to allow unattended copying of multiple master sequences.

The top of the line TCA-1800 includes
8 DVD/CD or Blu-Ray Recorders with a 1000-disc capacity. Pictured in More Pictures above and in the TCA special prices.pdf below.

See attached TCA special prices.pdf download,  for below market prices or call 800-260-5053.

TCA Series speical Pricing.PDF

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