TEAC 150 DISC AutoDisc Duplicator with Thermal Photo Printing AP150

SKU: AP-150T
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux -      Pricing Below - Free Ground shipping continental USA*. Call for air
  • Standalone or Networked
    150 Disc Autoloader
  • Two (2) DVD/CD Recorders or optional 
           Blu-Ray/DVD/CD Recorders
  • No software or drivers to install
  • Simple to operate using the intuitive user interface configurable hoppers (CD & DVD simultaneously available)
  • Network Ready (Gigabit Networking included)
  • TEAC P55C Thermal Photo
    Printer with highest print resolution and permanent photo printing on the disc.
  • (optional) Integrated 4800 dpi Photo quality Inkjet Printer (CMY+K)  HP manufactured ink.

 TrueNet LX Brower Based  Network software is included.

Because the AP150 is a publishing appliance, there is no need to install and maintain numerous software packages on each computer in your network

All users (up to 5 without upgrade) access the system with the java-enabled web browsers already installed (e.g. Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, etc.), so it doesn't matter if they use Windows (Vista, XP, 32 bit & 64 bit), Mac OSX or Linux! 

Users can start, stop, modify and monitor their jobs right from within their web browser!

Publishing Features

  • Built-in Label Designer
  • Drag & Drop Mastering of Data, DVD Video & BD Video discs
  • Import ready-made ISO images - even up to 50GB for Blu-ray!
  • Customizable Low Media/Print Supplies thresholds with e-mail notifications
  • Edit and update job priorities, quantities, and more in real time
  • Easily repeat or restart jobs with additional quantities
  • Customizable e-mail event notifications

Security Features    
Up to 5 unique users, all with their own login and e-mail address

  • Role-based user security and access control
  • Label Design Lockout - ensures that users select a pre-defined corporate label
  • Control quotas and job priorities on a user-by-user basis
  • Full System Logging - accessible in real time

    Upgradeable TrueNet FX Software, adding support for:

    • Up to 25 Users
    • Easy-to-use Dynamic Form Fields within Labels
    • Easy-to-use Serialization
    • Easy-to-use Dynamic 'Mail-Merge' functionality
    • API Functionality
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    *Free Ground shipping continental USA for online prepaid orders*. Call for air shipment costs.

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