TP Auto Printers 220 Disc Loaders + TEAC P55 Thermal Printer or Pro III thermal, Web Connect

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 220 Disc (CD/ DVD/ Blu-Ray) Auto Print Loader Print via an Internet Browser  or Standalone  

Print Standalone (no PC) or via an internet Browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, FireFox).
So you maybe Windows, MAC, or Linux based (it does not matter).
Operating System Independent disc printer.
Connect this to your Network.

Included with TPAuto Printers:  Web Browser Based TrueNet LX software (5 user) network connect.                                         

 * TrueNet FX. multi-user (25) browser software (optional see below)* 

*TrueNet FX (optional): allows 25 users to
connect via internet to control TP5100; 
Extra Printing  functions: Dynamic Date & Time Functions, Auto Serialization, Mail merge, 
Dynamic Job   Name & User name fields.                                                         $995 
The integrated TEAC color Dye-Sub Printer is a revolutionary DVD/CD printing system featuring dye-sublimation process at 400 DPI Print Resolution which is the highest resolution available today!

Versamax Ribbon Option for the P-55 printer reduces cost and increases choices of CDs or DVDs to use ( virtually all Thermal discs, some Inkjet and even some shiny or lacquered silver discs

Optional Printers:

Flashjet2 Printer which has a Color (CMY) & a Black (K) ink cartridge; (Pricing in download below)

Power Pro III Monochrome Thermal Printer. Very Low Cost Black Ribbon for simple printing (e.g. text & simple logos). Can Print over discs 200 per hour.

  • Call 800-260-5053 or email for  extended warranties, current PRICE specials and TrueNet 25 user browser upgrade.

Specs and Special pricing in .pdf download attachment below.

TP printers special discounted prices.pdf

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