FAQ's DVD/CD/Blu-Ray Duplicators & Printers

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I print directly onto a disc?

Yes, with a CD – DVD – Blu-Ray Disc Printer you can print directly onto the surface of a disc.

What type of printing technologies are available for printing onto a CD or DVD?

There are three technologies used for CD/DVD/ Blu-Ray disc printers:

1. Ink-Jet Printing:These printers are designed specifically to handle CD/DVD media and print directly onto an "inkjet printable" disc.

Pros: Full Color Printing, High Resolution (up to 4800dpi), Lowest equipment cost, Print Costs per disc vary for black only printing $0.01/disc to $0.09 to $0.30/discs each for full color printing. PF-Pro and the Epson Autoprinter have individual cartridges for seperate colors so they are the least expensive printers per disc to use.
Cons: There is a concern that the ink can smear when in contact with moisture with ink jet printed discs.
"Watershield CD" and "Watershield DVD" made by JVC (Taiyo Yuden) now provides a glossy professional look with a disc that is highly water resistant. These discs provide a great professional look.

2. Thermal Printing: Uses heat and direct impact to permanently print to most any brand of blank shiny CD or DVD media in black or another monochrome color.
Pros: Permanent printing, very inexpensive when used for monochrome printing, $0.03 - $0.05 per disc.

Cons: Low print resolution 300dpi and lack true rich color capabilities, can not print photos. Mostly used for text and simple monochrome graphics. Much more expensive than Ink-jet printers.

3. Thermal Re-Transfer or Dye-sublimation: Photo realistic full color printing, by printing onto a film inside the printer which then is transferred via using heat and pressure to permanently print onto CDs or DVDs.
Pros: Permanent photo realistic quality printing (up to 290 lpi)
Cons: Print Costs around $0.30/disc. Until recently needed special coated thermal discs to print on. Now TEACs P-55 printer has a new ribbon Versamax that provides great flexibility in disc choices. With the Versamax ribbon one can print onto many flat shiny or lacquered CDs or DVDs and most all thermal discs.

Can I copy the DVDs I get at Blockbuster?

No, these discs are usually copy protected with CSS encryption. All DVD recorders that are found in all of the duplicators on the market prevent copying commercial Hollywood type discs.

What is a good DVD/ CD recorder to get in my standalone Duplicator?

Sony 24x DVD/ 48x CD recorders are now the most popular drives in most duplicators because they are cost effective, they copy CD, DVD, Dual Layer DVD, etc. and are dependable. The Sony recorders are currently found in our popular and Low Cost Sharkcopier Duplicators. Tower duplicators can now copy LightScribe and some even Daisy Chain allowing for mass production for low cost Tower such the CopyWriter DVD series