How to add pdf specifications

Here are the instructions for adding the pdf specifications

Getting Started

  1. Open 2 browser windows
  2. Browser 1: Open the admin and browse to the product that needs the pdf file
  3. Browser 1: In the description area, click on the HTML tab at the bottom of the description box.
  4. Copy the code below in PRODUCT SPECFICATIONS IN PDF at the very end of the description.
  5. Browser 2: Open your existing website.
  6. Browser 2: Go to the product that has the pdf.
  7. Browser 2: Click on the link to open the pdf (Note, this link redirects to a different page.)
  8. Browser 2: Look in the url and copy the pdf file name. Example: gx-1.pdf
  9. Browser 1: Paste/Replace the file name in the code you just copied Example: gx-1.pdf
  10. Browser 1: Click the Update button.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS IN PDF (All code is between asterisks-Don't copy asterisk's)
<A href="/pdf_files/gx-1.pdf">
Product Specifications in PDF Format