Apollo Dual Printer

  • Autoloader
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 16.5"x24"x24.5"
    • Weight: 60 lbs/27 kg
  • Printer - Speedjet Pro 4800 dpi - USES HP standard cartridges 56 & 57
                                               Can do up to 4800 dpi color printing
    • Dimensions: 15”x6”x13.5”
    • Weight: 12 lbs (5.4 kg)
  • Power Consumption: 115~230 VAC 50~60 Hz

    Brilliant Colors

    For the most remarkable print quality, speed and performance, look to the FlashJet Color CD/DVD imager. With incredible 4800 dpi print resolution - the best in the world - all of your discs will have the sharpest text, graphics and photos. Colors are bright, vibrant and truly photo-quality. Your discs will look highly professional, creating a positive, lasting impression.

    Very Intelligent

    FlashJet is one of the most intelligent printers on the market today. Not only will it tell you approximately how many discs it will be able to print based on the image you have created, but also knows the differences of the cartridges loaded to maximize your print quality! 
  • Alternate Printer - (LEXMARK print engine)
    The All Pro Solutions Lex440 CD/ DVD printer is designed for users requiring faster print performance. Easily print multiple prints with the integrated tray. Works just like a CD-ROM drive. Get superior inkjet printing on CD and DVD R printable media with 4800 DPI print quality. Featuring an economical price point, sleek desktop footprint and fast print speeds, the All Pro Solutions Lex440 creates discs with a truly professional image. And, the Lex440 inkjet cartridges are non proprietary and can be purchased at virtually any office products store! Ink Cartridges
    • Color (#26 Lexmark Part#10N0026)
    • Black (#16 Lexmark Part#10N0016)
    • Color Moderate Use (#17 Lexmark Part#10N0217)
    • Black Moderate Use (#27 Lexmark Part#10N0227)

System Requirements


AMD AthlonXP, AMD Athlon64, Intel Celeron 800Mhz or higher, Intel Pentium III 800Mhz or higher, Intel Pentium 4.

Must contain Intel i815, Intel i845, Intel i850, Intel i865, Intel i875, nVIDIA nForce2, or nVIDIA nForce3 chipsets. Examples: AOpen MX3S series, ASUS CUSL2 series, ASUS A7N8X Deluxe.
*NOTE* - Motherboard must have 1 working "Com Port" for Autoloader connection.

Minimum of 256 megabytes. should be higher if a large number of drives are in the system. Examples: PC133 SDRAM, PC2100 DDR, PC2700 DDR, PC32000 DDR, PC800 RDRAM.

Firewire Host Adapter
Must contain NEC or Texas Instruments chipsets. Examples: Adaptec, IOI-1394, Maxtor, Orange Micro.

Hard Drive
A fast, non-recalibrating hard disk 7200 RPM or better with 8 MB Cache (avg. access time < 15 msec, transfer rate > 600 KB/second), Big enough for applications and data for Burning DVDs (at least 5 GB free space).

Writeable Drive
Any writeable CD or DVD drive, internal or external.