25 Disc Auto Rip Unit to Hard drive

SKU: Ripbox
Automatic ripping unit for 25 Discs (DVD or CD).  Includes ImgBurn Software.

Can also work as a Auto Duplicator

The Rip unit is an automated system with a robotic transport arm that connects to a computer via USB.

• Supports Archival Back-up: Capable of operating as an archival rip station for important back-up of content onto optical discs or from discs onto a server or HDD
• Supports Job Queues: Provides the ability to queue multiple jobs for unattended
operation of multiple different duplication
• Supports Multiple Job Queues: System is able to maintain multiple job queues
for several users so that each individual user can maintain their own dupe files for use at a later date
• Multi-master read-in support: Users can read-in a stack of masters and create ISO images

* Optional Unit "Ripbox Pro" available with
BPR2000 lite software for ripping ,
·  Provides Data Ripping: All files and folder structure is cloned to your hard drive
·  Supports Audio Ripping: Able to rip music files onto a PC hard drive
Also includes LighScribe Recorder if you wish to print onto the discs.

Connects to PC via USB.
PC Requirements are:
1GHz Processor Processor or better
512MB RAM or higher for better
performance Windows XP,
Vista, 7 (32 or 64Bit) 2 USB 2.0
Port Administrator privilege required

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