Cube 25 & 60 Disc Standalone DVD/CD Auto Copier


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  • Complete Standalone Operation:
    No PC required to operate the duplicator.
  • Cube 1 & 2 have 25 disc capacity:
    Copy up to 25 discs per run
  • Cube 3-  3 Drive up to 60 Discs
  • 250GB Hard drive
  • Three (3) Versions: 

    CUBE-1 with ONE DVD /CD Recorder,
                    25 Discs
    CUBE- 2  with TWO DVD/CD Recorders

                    25 Discs
    CUBE- 3 with Three DVD/CD Recorders
    60 Discs 
  • Improved Multi-Master Recognition Technology (MMRT):
    Can load multiple masters at once to run multiple duplication jobs in succession.
  • Built in Hard Drive 250GB
  • Disc Alignment Protection Feature:
    Automatically ejects and closes the tray when the media wasn't properly placed.
  • Auto-Copy feature:
    System starts duplication process automatically by assuming the 1st disc in the input spindle is the master disc and remaining are the blanks.
  • New Supports Manual Duplication Mode.
  • New Dynamic Hard Drive Partitioning:
    The HDD partitions are created with flexible 1GB partitions that can be used in combination to match the size of the project being stored. This process saves space and allows for more projects to be stored on the HDD..
  • New Supports all common CD Formats with Additional Special format including CD-TEXT, ISRC, Over-Burned CD.
            Now with SATA interface
  • Throughput Capacity Per Hour:
    300 MB CD  *at 52x duplication Cube-1 (30) hour or 60 an hour with Cube2
    2.5 GB DVD  *at 20x duplication Cube-1 (15) hour or 30 an hour with Cube2

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