HDD Shark Turbo Duplicator

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The Standalone HDDShark Turbo hard drive duplicator is the perfect solution for those that need to make back-up or residual clones of the master hard drive (HDD) content (this duplicator has twice the normal transfer speed).

Available in multiple size configurations (2, 5 or 8 targets) supporting reading and writing speeds up to a blazing fast speed of 150MB/sec, allows the user to make quick and reliable clones of nearly any HDD using virtually any OS platforms, such as Unix, Linux, Windows, or Macintosh .

The HDDShark Turbo supports the FAT16/32, extFAT, NTFS, and ext2/3/4 file systems. Using the HDDShark Turbo gives you a piece of mind that each HDD will be copied accurately and quickly for a no hassle, low cost alternative to performing this task 1 at a time through a PC.

Additionally, The HDDShark Turbo performs the reliable Quick Erase and/or Full Erase option, but if can also erase the HDD up to the high government DoD 5220 standards which ensure there was no trace of the content left behind. 

Hardware Features:
  1. Aluminum design with heat conductive grooves
  2. Optional CF Support with optional CF Interface Module Addon
  3. Dedicated HDD Cooling Fan to prevent overheating
  4. Support of all SATA Interface, 1.5Gbps, 3.0Gbps, 6.0Gbps
  5. Industry Leading 150MB/s (9GB/min) Simultinous Actual Transfer Speed
  6. Screw-Free Hot Swappable HDD Caddy Tray
  7. Safety HDD Tray Lock to prevent accidental HDD removal during operation
  8. Additional LED for HDD Power and HDD Activity, Fan Activity
  9. Power Control of individual HDD for complete HDD spin-down prior removal
  10. 2.5" and 3.5" HDD/SSD Support

Software Features:
  1. Standalone Operation, No PC is required
  2. Simultinous and Independent HDD operation
  3. DoD Certified HDD Erase Support
  4. Extensive Smart Filesystem Support - Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, NTFS, exFAT, FAT16, FAT32
  5. Auto Partation Layout Support
  6. Operation Progress Display during Duplication
  7. Read/Write Error Skip Support
  8. Amount Management Support
  9. Future functions upgradeable through Firmware Update


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