HERA DVD/CD 330 to 900 Disc Auto Duplicators


Standalone DVD/CD Auto Duplicators
Optional Blu-Ray DVD/CD  Recorders

HERA 3:  330 Disc Autoloader with 3 DVD/CD Recorders. (
pictured in more pictures)

 See Video Demo

HERA 6:  630 Disc Autoloader with 6 DVD/CD Recorders.
(pictured in .pdf specifications below)

HERA 9:  900 Disc Autoloader with 9 DVD/CD Recorders. (pictured above and in more pictures in large size

All Have 500GB Built Hard Drive

24x DVD /48x CD Sony Recorders
12x Pioneer Blu-Ray Recorders

Drives subject to change without notice.
Prices listed below

* Unattended Synchronous Operation 
*Standalone - No PC required to use

* PC-Link Included - Connect to a PC via USB to take full control of the autoloader.
This is new feature (use with PC is optional) 

  • Batch Mode - Duplication of multiple masters
        Including mixed media (CD, DVD, Blu-Ray)
  • LCD screen in English, Spanish, Portugese, 
       French, German, Italian and Japanese
  • Copy counter - Keeps track of copies made
  • Built-in Hard Drive with Partition/Image Name
  • Account Management (password protection)
  • Provides format and manufacturer of disc
  • 32-Bit 256MB DDR2 buffer memory!
  • Capable of drive upgrade through duplicator
  • Selectable duplicating speeds
  • Automatic format recognition - Recognizes if disc is either CD, DVD or BD
  • Power boot self diagnostics - Keeps system running at optimum levels
  • User friendly controls
  • Copy coninuously without stopping - No cooling down period
  • Support for Latest CD and DVD media - Including Double/Dual Layer DVD-R and Blu-Ray
  • Can use Tower manually

    Optional Blu-Ray/DVD/CD


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