MM Blu-Ray Duplicator Tower with BD/DVD/CD USB & Memory Card Inputs

  • Available with either Ten (10) or Eleven (11) Pioneer 12x Blu-Ray/ DVD/ CD recorders per duplicator Tower.
  • 500GB HDD included in each Tower.
  •  Media Expander Adapter (MMMEX)  with each Tower

MM Blu-Ray Towers are standalone (no PC is needed) will copy Blu-Rays, DVDs, CD's & USB Flash drives or memory cards to either Blu-Ray, DVD or CD media.

Included for free is the Media Expander adapter (MMMEX) which copies SD, Micro SD, Mini SD, SDHC, MMC, MS & MS Duo devices to Blu-Ray, DVD or CD media.

The flexibility of devices  an MM BD Tower can copy from meets current and future backup and data copying needs for distribution via low cost CDs, DVDs or Blu-Ray recordable (BD-Rs).

USB flash and multi media memory card to disc duplication: Transfer important data from erasable media to standardized CD/DVD/BD.

  • PRICING  BELOW already reflects $1000 off MSRP
  • FREE Ground Freight in Continental USA. Call for airfreight costs
  • Towers Cases are Black.



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