"Media/ Mirror"


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"Media/Mirror" will back up not only DVD’s and CD’s but virtually every type of media card and USB media device. The Media/Mirror is absolutely packed with rich features such as Multi-Session technology which permits several memory cards or USB devices to be placed on a single DVD or CD. Everything that the Media/Mirror copies will be with lightning fast mirror image accuracy!

1 to 7 DVD/CD Recorders for copying

CD/DVD Copy to CD/DVD: Duplicates Audio CD, Video CD, DVD Video, and virtually any data disc in a matter of minutes.
Multi-Session Technology: Permits several memory cards or USB sticks to be placed onto one CD or DVD.
Disc Spanning: Allows larger cards whose contents might exceed that of a single CD or DVD to be placed onto the appropriate number of media pieces.
Back up memory cards and USB drive:Transfer important data from erasable media to standardized CD/DVD.
Source - Cards, Drives or Discs:
MS Slot:
MS, MS-Duo, MS Pro, MS Pro Duo, MS MagicGate, MS Pro MagicGate, MS-Duo MagicGate, MS Pro Duo MagicGate
CF Slot:
CF I, CFII, Micro Drive
SD Slot:
SD, SD Pro, Mini SD*, Mini SD Pro*, Micro SD*, SD HS,WI-FI SD, Super HS SD (*Adapter Required)
MMC Slot:
DVD-ROM, DVD-Video, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, Dual Layer DVD±R, CD-ROM, CD-I, Audio CD, Video CD, Bootable CD, Mixed-mode CD, Multi-session CD, CD-Plus, Business Card CD, 3" Mini CD-R
USB Drive

3 YEAR Manufacturers repair or replacement warranty.


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Media/Mirror choose number of CD/DVD recorders

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