QD DVD 1:1, 1:3, 1:7 up to 1:10 DVD/ CD Recorder Duplicator

The QD-DVD Series comes configured with either: one,  three,  five, seven or ten

24x DVD / 48x CD Recorders. Each Tower also has a reader to read in the master disc.

 One button copying gives the user the ability to make up to ten (10)  DVD or CD copies (with the QD1210) at a time at the highest recording speed available.

Use it standalone (without connecting to a PC) or connect it to your PC easy mastering over the USB port with the included recording software! Connects to one recorder.

Optional 500 GB Hard drive.

QD DVD 1:1 -  One to One DVD/CD Copier
8 DVDs an hour / 20 CDs an hour

QD DVD 123 -  3 Copies at once.
3 Recorders + Reader.
24 DVDs an hour / 60 CDs an hour.

QD DVD 125 -  5 Copies at once. 
5 Recorders & reader.
40 DVDs an hour/ 100 CDs an hour 

DVD 127 - 7 Copies at once. 
7 Recorders & reader.
56 DVDs / 140 CDs an hour

DVD 1210 - 10 Copies at once. 
10 Recorders & reader.
80 DVDs / 200 CDs an hour

The Duplicators do NOT COPY CSS ENCRYTED (copy protected) DVDs (typical Hollywood like DVD movie).

Specifications and pricing subject to change without notice.

QD DVD Recorders

ADD 500GB hard drive $50
Your Price $249 & up