Shark SD & Micro SD Flash Card Duplicator 3, 7, 11 or 15 Targets

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SDSharkâ„¢ flash duplicators make quick reliable copies on to SD or MicroSD flash memory devices in a multitude of applications including computers, smart phones, portable gaming devices, and more.

Choose from 3, 7, 11 or 15 target SD & MicroSD Standalone Duplicator

Key Features

  • Complete Standalone Operation:
    No PC required to operate the duplicator.
  • New Asynchronous Duplication:
    Able to copy any size master data onto multiple sources asynchronously (independently) without sacrificing duplication speed or quality for faster and more reliable duplication.
  • New Smart copy feature:
    This feature is used to quickly copy all accessible content contained on the SD/MicroSD device.
  • New Supports all data Formats with bit by bit duplication
  • New Supports all currently available SD/MicroSD drive:
    Supports all currently available SD/MicroSD drive in the market
  • Future functions upgradeable through firmware:
    Duplicator is able to be upgraded by future firmware updates.
  • New Secure Erase:
    Fully erase the SD/MicroSD device without the data being recovered.
  • Multi-Language capability:
    The text on the LCD screen can be displayed in English, Spanish, French, Japanese & more. Chinese can be added upon request.

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