SharkNet Blu-Ray Network & Standalone Tower Duplicators

SKU: Snet-BD

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Order: One (1) up to Fifteen (15) Recorders

Standalone Operation - But you can transfer files or disc images on Network directly to the duplicator.

No longer need to burn a master disc to initiate the duplication process.

"Load and Copy" to make duplication from Hard Drive faster than ever by simultaneously Coping  to the blank media while Loading to the hard drive.  Also Continuous Hard Drive Partitioning.

Recorders: 12x SATA Blu-ray/DVD/CD Writer 16x DVD/ 40xCD

SharkNet Towers connect to internal Network via LAN (Ethernet connection)

Hard drive 500GB standard:
Can upgrade from 1TB to 2 TB hard drive see price in below or call. 

Free ground freight in the continental USA for web placed orders.

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