StudioWrapper CD Case Overwrapper


Professional Clean Folded Edges!
Lowest Cost Overwrapper on the market!

Get professional clean folded edges for just pennies per disc on each overwrapped CD Jewel Case.  
Do not settle for hot-gun shrink wrapped discs that still look unprofessional even after you’ve spent time and money to seal them.

Use an overwrapper for that ‘store-bought’ professional look!

Amazingly Easy To Use!

With only a little practice you’ll be wrapping hundreds of discs an hour with the StudioWrapper.

The included free video tutorial will make easy work of learning how to wrap your discs most efficiently!

A seperate unit is available for standard Amaray style DVD cases. (StudioWrapper DVD200 - overwrapper)

 What is shown on this page is for CD, standard sized jewel cases. 

The StudioWrapper-CD is for wrapping standard sized jewel cases and you can make an estimated 180 to 300 per hour.

One box of 1,000 polypropylene wrapping sheets comes included with the unit. 

Free Ground Freight in the continental USA. Call for aircharges or indicate this in your checkout.

StudioWrapper Specifications
Now has digital Thermostat

Flash Video showing wrapper works

Your Price $1,395.00